Altering the Blueprint: the Ethics of Genetics taught by Alexander McCall Smith

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Altering the Blueprint: the Ethics of Genetics is a “course” taught by Alexander McCall Smith as part of the Portable Professor series published by Barnes and Noble. This one was not nearly up to par with some of the others I have encountered. It was really just an extended philosophy/history of reproductive science. Nothing new or groundbreaking. There was very little to the ethics, just a recitation of the opposing camps…



Lying by Sam Harris

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This was a short e-work, free on Kindle. Free was a good choice. There was nothing really new or interesting; Harris’ entire argument seemed to boil down to “don’t ever lie, you’ll feel better about yourself.” I thought there might be some sort of psychological approach to why people lie, but alas not. Do you really need to read a book to know that lying is bad?