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The Art of Steampunk Art Donovan

This book is more of a museum catalog than an actual text. It covers the eponymous exhibit at the Oxford University Museum of the History of Science that was held October 2009-February 2010.

Calling it a catalog does do something of a disservice. There are no fewer than three introductory-type chapters that explain the phenomena and philosophy of Steampunk (in somewhat repetitive fashion, alas). After that there are individual chapters on each of the artists, along with some highlights of their work.

While a great deal of the work is standard steampunk fare of goggles and timepieces (even so, beautifully done) two artists, Kris Kuksi and Richard Nagy, stand out. Kuksi’s pieces are sculptural rather than wearable, and the level of detail is amazing, while Nagy tackles digital machines for the Victorian age. This volume is a fun addition to any enthusiast’s library.

I received a review copy from the publisher.

The Art of Steampunk

Now Available in Paperback

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