A Daring Life: a Biography of Eudora Welty by Carolyn J. Brown

I took photo of Eudora Welty at National Portr...

I took a photo of Eudora Welty at National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. U.S. government collection, public domain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is advertised as a work “for all ages,” but I believe the target audience would be on the younger side of young adult. 4 stars based on that audience (2 stars for an adult reader). In that context, it is a great introduction to the life of one of our great Southern writers. It has a plethora of photographs which really add to the text.As one who hasn’t seen the younger side of young adult for decades, I would not necessarily recommend it to someone who has already read a biography of Welty. Brown relies heavily on the work of Suzanne Marrs and for most adult readers, it would do just as well to go to that source.

The book is due in early August of 2012 and I received my copy free from the publisher.