The Longest War: Stories from the Battlefields of Iraq & Afghanistan by John F. Holmes, ed.

Marines honor, remember fallen brother in sout...

Marines honor, remember fallen brother in southern Helmand [Image 10 of 16] (Photo credit: DVIDSHUB)

It’s really hard to rate someone writing from personal experience. Particularly if it is an experience that you KNOW you will never have to endure. These are  personal reminiscences of the War in Afghanistan and the Iraq War. The editor provides these vignettes ‘warts and all’ without correcting any spelling or grammar that did not affect the meaning of the story, though they did obscure some names of participants, particularly KIA, to spare families additional agony. Likewise, some place names were obscured to protect security data. Nevertheless, the stories are compelling; sometimes poignant, funny, enraging. Well worth the read.