I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight Margaret Cho

Listened to this on audio, and oddly enough, as Cho is such a terrific live performer, her reading really fell flat. It seemed as though she were reading someone else’s work and not her own. As I was listening, I kept thinking to myself “This would really be so much better as a blog…” In the conclusion, she explains that they do actually come from her blog.

I see that some other reviewers really rated this low because they were expecting 6 discs of her stand-up routine. Having read the back of the box (and well, the TITLE), it was pretty obvious that this was a politically-oriented work. She makes absolutely astute observations, and is very open about where her philosophy originates. I came away with not only a new understanding of Margaret Cho, but an even greater appreciation of her. Had I read it rather than listened, I would most likely have given it the full five stars; I still rate it 4.5.