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52 Small Changes: One Year To A Happier, Healthier You by Brett Blumenthal

OK, folks, THIS is how you do it! Brett Blumenthal  has broken down a healthier, happier lifestyle into 52 bite-sized chunks. You make one change a week. Absolutely doable. She gives the why along with the what and the how.
Included in each week’s “assignment” is a “Roadmap to Success” which breaks each bite-sized chunk down even further. If you’ve already mastered one of the changes, she includes “Extra Credit” to help you step it up a notch. This not only helps you improve in that area, but reinforces the habit of making one change a week. You never have to skip a week.
One of the greatest strengths of this work, to me personally, is the attitude with which she presents her program. I know without a doubt that Blumenthal believes heart and soul in the changes that she is advocating. Similarly, I can say without hesitation that she believes in stewardship of the planet and careful use of resources. However, not once did those beliefs manifest themselves in sermonizing or condescension.
This is really a program that anyone could follow and be happy about.

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