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The Dark Monk by Oliver Potzsch

Oliver Pötzsch

Oliver Pötzsch (Photo credit: Lutz_ek)

The Dark Monk is the second installment in Oliver Potzsch’s “Hangman’s Daughter” series, and was just as enjoyable as the first. The setting is 17th century Bavaria and the main characters are members of the Kuisl family, Jakob, the titular hangman, and Magdalena, his daughter, as well as the son and apprentice to the local doctor, Simon Fronwieser. This time centered around a Dan Brown-esque religious mystery and race against time and treasure thieves, the book is full of historical fact and authorial fancy.

In fact, the one knock I have against the book is that some of the situations in which he places the characters and the means by which he extricates them are just a little too far-fetched, in an otherwise brilliantly researched and historically accurate novel.

Definitely looking forward to part 3.

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